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Patricia Walkow

Rhonda Lerche

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By Amazon Customer
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This story holds you from the minute you start reading. The author has lovingly immortalized the characters in this book. Nothing but praise for the War Within, The Story of Josef. The story takes us from the horrors of Nazi Germany, horrors inflicted on many nationalities and religions, and takes us to the hope and triumph of a new life. I cared about what happened to everyone in this story. Deeply moving and it stays with you. It will be visited again like a good friend.
By Connie Harrington        
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase  
Patricia Walkow demonstrates a solid command of all the qualities of a gifted and well-rounded writer in her new biographical novel, The War Within, The Story of Josef. She weaves a unique and redemptive tale from the horrors of WWII, with a historical perspective not previously considered or known by this reader. Walkow combines the qualities of a fine journalist—sound research and clear narrative, with the gifts of an artist—evocative description overlaying a rich, emotional landscape. I congratulate Ms. Walkow and highly recommend her book.
By Amazon Customer        
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
What an inspiring story. My wife and I were moved by the courage and warmth of Josef and the humanity of those who helped him.. A must read.
By Donald Reightley        
Format: Kindle Edition
This book tells a remarkable story. The War Within is well written, historically accurate and deeply sensitive to the humanity of all concerned. It has opened my eyes to the goodness found in both the German citizenry and their Polish slave laborers amidst the horrific inhumanity of World War II.
The story engulfed me and changed the way I viewed the wartime German population, many of whom were caught up in a struggle not of their making. Two teenage Polish brothers, forced into slavery and facing an uncertain future, are reminiscent of numerous acts of unpardonable persecution by past cultures and not unlike what is revealed for us by the news images we currently encounter.
The story of determination, fortitude and endurance revealed by Josef Walkow during his enslavement and the magnanimity and resourcefulness he demonstrated during its aftermath are models for us all to admire.
Format: Kindle Edition
Fascinating look from inside the lives of ordinary innocent people caught up in horrific circumstances. Gives you a completely different perspective of the war we all learned about in school. Goes deep into the human side and brings home the true hardships they endured. We take for granted food on the table which is a luxury many of them did not have. The irony of life before and after the war when Josef goes from being a prisoner of war to a prisoner of freedom was an interesting turn. It keeps you engaged and was hard to put down.